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Schedule a time & place. Wait for us to arrive! Rather than wear traditional metal/wire braces, we have Clear Aligners that move your teeth into the desired position. We also provide this service to you via a mobile clinic. Instead of you having to fight traffic and wait long periods of time in waiting rooms, we drive our clinic right to your doorstep. We drive to you for all of our visits. Our Clear Aligners are also ordered for you by a licensees dentist. Don’t try and take your own impressions and treat your own case without supervision. Let us do it for you! We also are extremely affordable. With traditional orthodontics and other aligner systems, such as Invisalign, your cost could be over $6,000. Our system is $3,900. With financing that can be as low as $97/month. With our convenience, quality of care, and affordability, we can’t be beat!

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Mobile clinic delivering clear aligners to your doorstep.

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Our Aligners Vs. Other Aligners On The Market

Clear Braces Delivered uses the clearest aligners on the market. Because of their clarity and thin size, they are far less noticeable.


Meet Dr. Mike Imboden

Dr. Mike Imboden was born and raised in Oklahoma. He received his B.S. in Biochemistry from The University of Oklahoma in 1998 and his D.D.S. degree from The University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry in 2002. He started his own general dentistry practice in McKinney, TX in 2003. He started the practice from scratch and after gaining much success, sold it in 2014. Following private practice, he operated three state prison dental clinics in Texas. He enjoys spending time with his fiancée, Heather, and their 4 dogs and 1 (hairless) cat. Dr. Imboden is excited to bring the concept of mobile orthodontics using clear aligners to your doorstep.

Our board certified dentist and dental assistants have over 25 years of patient care experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything I need to do?

All you need to do is fill out the Am I a Candidate Survey then call or email us to set up your initial visit.

What takes place during the first visit?

During the first visit, our dentist and dental assistant will drive our mobile clinic to your home, work, etc. We will do a brief interview with you and short exam to make sure that you are in fact a good candidate for our clear aligners. If you are, we will take impressions of your teeth. We will also take a panoramic x-ray and some photographs. We will deliver your first set of aligners in 3-4 weeks.

Where does my treatment take place?

We treat you in our high tech mobile clinic. In fact, since we drive to you, we can handle your first visit with us at your home, apartment, work, school, etc. Our flexibility is one thing our patients love!

Can I start my case at the first visit?

Absolutely! By design, as long as you are approved by our dentist as a candidate for clear braces, we are prepared to begin your case at the first visit.

Does the first visit cost anything?

We do charge a $100 fee for the first visit. However, if our dentist decides that you are not a candidate for our services, we will refund you that money. If you are a candidate, we will apply that $100 toward your case fee.

What happens next?

For the second visit, we will drive to you again! At that visit, will will give you your first set of clear aligners and instructions. The next visit will be at the half way point of your treatment. We will give you the rest of your clear aligners. During the last visit, we will take a final X-Ray, photographs, and give you your retainer.

Why do I need to wear a retainer?

Teeth have memory! Without a retainer, teeth can tend to try and move back to their original position. It is extremely important to wear a retainer after your case is finished.

How much does it cost for my case?

We have financing options available and can usually get your payments as low as $97/month.

We Look Forward to Visiting YOU!

We’ll drive to you, save you time, and use the most modern and innovative technology to take care of your smile.

Schedule an Appointment. We’ll Drive to You.

Simply select a time that works for you and let us know where you'd like our team to drive to. It's really that easy!

Our Process

At Clear Braces Delivered, our goal is to give you a beautiful, straight smile while taking away the burdens of the traditional dental visit.

Clear Braces Delivered drives right to you, so you can schedule the perfect time AND location 5 days a week.

Clear Braces Delivered saves you 10+ hours when compared to a typical orthodontic treatment.

Our patients get a fully private experience - no lines, no waiting, just your needs and the doctor's solutions.

You'll get our full service, our guarantee, and optional teeth whitening, all for 25% less than others.

Clear Braces Delivered uses Krystal Klear Aligners, which means no embarrassing metal mouth for you.

  • Perfect Smile: Our Clear Aligners
  • $ 97/Month With Approved Financing
    • $3,900 For Your Aligners
    • Clearer, Thinner, & Faster Working
    • New Aligners Every 2 Weeks Until Alignment Treatment is Complete
  • Total Smile: Aligners & Bleaching
  • $ 107/Month + Bleaching Treatment
    • $4,300 For Your Aligners & Bleaching
    • Everything Included From the Perfect Smile Alignment Plan
    • Market Leading Take-Home Bleaching Kit

No waiting rooms, no sitting in the dental chair, no dental drill shrills, no shots.

I love Clear Braces Delivered! They were extremely helpful and prompt to get my first appointment scheduled, on my time. My aligners were delivered very quickly as well. As a mother of three children it is a huge bonus that they will come to me, no dental office madness of hauling the kids in or worse a babysitter! Dr. Mike is wonderful and I am very pleased with my experience.

Happy Patient

Smile Delivery Requests

Clear Braces Delivered is revolutionizing the Dentist’s Office! Gone are the days of sitting in waiting rooms wasting your day away. We bring the office to you, with our modern, clean, comfortable vans and professional staff so you have more time to enjoy what’s important to you! Learn more by calling us at (888) 822-5327 (888-82CLEAR) or filling out our form.

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